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Genimous, one of six ṣaṭ-pāramitā, prajna paramita also. Prajna is translated as wisdom, and paramita is translated as ṣaṭ-pāramitā, practice the practice of intellectual law also. Vimo by the Buddha said: "With the ability of genimous, one can access anything conveniently.”

        Established in 2014, Genimous Group has gradually formed three business segments, covering finance, Internet, and culture travel sports, and has constructed a strategic layout with the support of comprehensive financial services backed the Internet and sports tourism industry.

        Financial Segment: Genimous Group started as private equity buyout fund management institution, currently has assets managed more than RMB 20 billion of assets, and mainly invests in M&A and restructuring projects of the listed companies. In addition to investment in the form of equity, the Group also creatively takes the holdings and operations of listed companies. While cutting into the asset side, the capital side and as the acquisition side of the listed companies, its investment returns and management scale grow rapidly. At the same time, the Group also makes strategic investment with self-owned capital. On this basis, the Group is planning to set up the public funds, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions, committed to create a comprehensive financial service platform.      

        Internet Segment: Holding shares of listed company Genimous Technology (stock code: 000676) , the Group has completed material assets reorganization in 2016, and has successfully constructed a Trinitarian ecological chain system and domestic and international globalized business system, with the mobile Internet traffic portal - operating platform - the monetization channel. In the future, Genimous Group will continue strengthening the core competencies, the acquisition and integration around the industrial chain, further consolidate and expand the commercial closed-loop, and enhance profitability.

        Culture Travel Sports Segment: Genimous Group seizes the historical opportunities for upgrading of consumption structure and the state to support cultural tourism and sports development, relies on the sustainable use of natural resources and cultural resources, and substantially develops the "culture + tourism + sports" new format. 


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Genimous Group started from private equity mergers and acquisitions fund management i...

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Genimous Technology (The stock code: 000676),a subsidiary company of Genimous Group l...

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Genimous Group seizes the historical opportunities for upgrading of consumption struc...

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